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Baobab Sea Lodge – Kilifi

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Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Kilifi, the Baobab Sea Lodge is a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable seaside retreat. Boasting a prime location on a breathtaking beach, this charming lodge is designed to offer guests the very best of Kilifi's natural beauty.

With 30 well-appointed rooms scattered across lush tropical gardens, the Baobab Sea Lodge provides a tranquil and serene environment for guests to unwind and connect with nature. The lodge is not just a place to stay; it's an immersive experience that combines comfort and luxury with the splendor of the Indian Ocean.

The culinary delights at the Baobab Sea Lodge are a treat for the senses. The on-site restaurant serves up a delectable array of dishes, offering a fusion of local and international flavors. Whether you're enjoying a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, the restaurant provides a perfect setting with stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

For those seeking business amenities, the Baobab Sea Lodge doesn't disappoint. Conference rooms are available, providing a professional and inspiring environment for meetings and events. The lodge seamlessly blends work and leisure, making it an ideal destination for business travelers.

The leisure facilities at the Baobab Sea Lodge are diverse and cater to various interests. Guests can relax by the swimming pool or unwind with a rejuvenating massage. The beach and pool bars offer a delightful selection of beverages with captivating views of the Indian Ocean. For the more active guests, the lodge features a tennis court and water sports activities, including kayaking, ensuring there is something for everyone.

In addition to the captivating offerings within the lodge, the surrounding area is rich with attractions. Guests can explore the historic Gedi Ruins, marvel at the underwater wonders of Watamu Marine Park, or venture into the vibrant towns of Mombasa and Malindi. The Baobab Sea Lodge serves as an ideal base for discovering the cultural and natural treasures that Kilifi has to offer.

Baobab Sea Lodge is more than just a hotel; it's a small retreat with a big impression. Its idyllic setting, comfortable accommodations, and array of amenities make it a haven for those seeking an enchanting escape by the sea. Whether you're a leisure traveler looking for relaxation or a business traveler seeking a touch of paradise between meetings, the Baobab Sea Lodge welcomes you with open arms.


What are the 2024 Prices for Baobab Sea Lodge – Kilifi?

Here are Baobab Sea Lodge Kilifi Resident Rates:

What Does PPS Mean? PPS (Per Person Sharing) means cost Per Adult when sharing the Room with another. Example KES 10,000/- PPS means, 2 Adults in 1 Room pay KES 20,000/-

Baobab Sea Lodge – Kilifi Rates

Baobab Sea Lodge Rooms Garden Premier Room Superior Room
Half Board
Sharing Single Sharing Single
1st Mar 2024 – 30th May 2024 KES 8,200/- PPS KES 11,900/- PP KES 8,800/- PPS KES 12,900/- PP
1st Jun 2024 – 30th Sep 2024 KES 8,600/- PPS KES 12,500/- PP KES 9,300/- PPS KES 13,600/- PP
1st Oct 2024 – 19th Dec 2024 KES 9,500/- PPS KES 13,700/- PP KES 10,200/- PPS KES 14,900/- PP
20th Dec 2024 – 28th Dec 2024 KES 12,100/- PPS KES 20,400/- PP KES 13,100/- PPS KES 22,300/- PP
29th Dec 2024 – 3rd Jan 2025 KES 14,600/- PPS KES 25,200/- PP KES 15,500/- PPS KES 27,200/- PP

Baobab Sea Lodge Kilifi Prices/Rates are in KES, Per Person Sharing, Half Board, Per Night

Baobab Sea Lodge Kilifi Supplements:

Sea View: Add KES 4,000/-
Extra Bed: Add KES 3,500/-

Baobab Sea Lodge Child Policy/Rates:

Children up to 2.9yrs Sharing: Free
Children 3 – 12 years Sharing: 50% PPS
Children 3 – 14 years in Own Room: 75% of Room

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What Hotel Facilities are available at Baobab Sea Lodge - Kilifi?

The Baobab Sea Lodge prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of facilities designed to enhance the overall guest experience. Here's an overview of the hotel's amenities:

  1. Accommodations:
    • The lodge features 30 well-appointed rooms, providing a comfortable and relaxing stay for guests.
    • The rooms are thoughtfully spread across rich tropical gardens, offering a tranquil and scenic atmosphere.
  2. Dining:
    • An on-site restaurant serves a diverse menu, combining local and international flavors to cater to varied palates.
    • Guests can enjoy meals with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, creating a delightful dining experience.
  3. Conference Rooms:
    • The Baobab Sea Lodge offers conference facilities for business travelers, providing an ideal venue for meetings and events.
    • These spaces are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a productive and professional environment.
  4. Bars:
    • The lodge boasts both Beach and Pool Bars, allowing guests to relax with a refreshing beverage while enjoying panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.
    • The bars provide a casual and sociable setting for guests to unwind and socialize.
  5. Recreation:
    • A swimming pool offers a refreshing escape for guests looking to relax and cool off.
    • The lodge features a tennis court, providing recreational opportunities for those who enjoy staying active during their stay.
  6. Wellness:
    • Massage services are available, offering guests a chance to indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation.
    • The lodge prioritizes well-being, providing a serene environment for guests to unwind and de-stress.
  7. Curio Shop:
    • A curio shop on-site allows guests to purchase souvenirs and local crafts, providing a convenient way to take home a piece of the destination.
  8. Water Sports Activities:
    • For the adventurous, the lodge offers kayaking and other water sports activities, adding an element of excitement to the stay.
  9. Proximity to Attractions:
    • The Baobab Sea Lodge's location makes it convenient for guests to explore nearby attractions such as the Gedi Ruins, Watamu Marine Park, as well as the towns of Mombasa and Malindi.
  10. Small Hotel, Big Impression:
    • The tagline "Baobab Sea Lodge…A small hotel with a big impression" emphasizes the intimate and memorable nature of the lodge, highlighting its commitment to providing a personalized and impactful guest experience.

The Baobab Sea Lodge's array of facilities caters to both leisure and business travelers, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable stay for guests with diverse preferences and interests.

Which Rooms Types are in Baobab Sea Lodge - Kilifi?

At the Baobab Sea Lodge, guests can choose from a variety of room types, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs. Here's an overview of the room options available at the lodge:

  1. Cottages or Bungalows:
    • The lodge may offer standalone cottages or bungalows nestled in the tropical gardens, providing a more secluded and private accommodation option.
    • Cottages often come with additional outdoor spaces for guests to enjoy the natural surroundings.
  2. Family Rooms:
    • Designed with families in mind, family rooms are spacious and equipped to accommodate multiple occupants.
    • These rooms may feature interconnected spaces or additional sleeping arrangements suitable for families traveling together.

Each room type at the Baobab Sea Lodge is designed to offer a unique and memorable experience, allowing guests to choose accommodations that best suit their preferences and requirements during their stay. Whether seeking simplicity, luxury, or a family-friendly environment, the lodge aims to provide a range of options to cater to diverse guest needs.

What are the Foods & Drinks options at Baobab Sea Lodge - Kilifi?

Baobab Sea Lodge takes pride in offering a diverse and delightful culinary experience for its guests. The on-site restaurant and bars provide a range of foods and drinks to suit different tastes and preferences. Here's an overview of the dining options available at the lodge:

  1. Restaurant:
    • The on-site restaurant at Baobab Sea Lodge serves a varied menu that combines local and international flavors.
    • Guests can indulge in a culinary journey featuring fresh and locally sourced ingredients, prepared by skilled chefs.
    • The restaurant provides a welcoming atmosphere, whether for a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, with picturesque views of the Indian Ocean.
  2. Beach and Pool Bars:
    • Guests can enjoy refreshing beverages at both the Beach and Pool Bars, each offering a unique atmosphere.
    • The Beach Bar may provide a laid-back setting with the sound of waves and the view of the ocean, while the Pool Bar may offer a more relaxed ambiance by the poolside.
    • A diverse selection of cocktails, mocktails, and other beverages are available for guests to savor while taking in the scenic surroundings.
  3. Culinary Diversity:
    • The food menu is likely to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring that all guests can find something to suit their tastes.
    • Local specialties may be highlighted, allowing guests to experience the authentic flavors of the region.
  4. Breakfast Options:
    • The lodge may offer a hearty breakfast spread with a mix of continental and local breakfast items.
    • Guests can start their day with a delicious and energizing meal to fuel their exploration or relaxation activities.
  5. Special Dining Experiences:
    • Baobab Sea Lodge might provide special dining experiences, such as themed nights, beachside dinners, or barbecue events.
    • These experiences add a touch of excitement and variety to the overall stay.
  6. Room Service:
    • For guests who prefer to dine in the comfort of their rooms, the lodge may offer room service with a selection of dishes and beverages.
  7. Local and International Cuisine:
    • The culinary offerings may showcase a blend of local Kenyan cuisine and international dishes, giving guests a taste of the destination while also catering to diverse palates.

The Baobab Sea Lodge aims to create a culinary journey that complements the overall experience of staying at the lodge. Whether guests are seeking a romantic dinner, a casual beachside snack, or a refreshing drink by the pool, the lodge's dining options are designed to satisfy a range of preferences and enhance the enjoyment of their stay.

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