Safari Hats - Hats for Men,Women and Children while on an African Safari
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Safari Hats

Safari Hats for an African Safari

Safari hats were first made in the 1800s on the Indian subcontinent. They were initially referred to as a pith helmet or Sola Topee because they were made out of pith, a soft tissue that is found inside of a trunk of a sola tree, a native Indian species.

Pith helmets were first used by the European military powers as part of their uniform; they were then used by western civilians during their time in the tropics in the 19th-century colonial period. Then the hats significantly evolved and marketers started labeling them ‘safari hats’. A safari hat is a must-have outdoor hat on your African safari.

Safari hats for women

Safari Hats

Women are often particularly cautious when it comes to their skin, especially on their face and neck. The best women’s safari hats are those made with sun protective fabric to help block a certain percentage of ultraviolet rays.

In the past, the terai design was used to make feminine hats for ladies. Today, there are a variety of female safari hats that are wide-brimmed, to help you protect your neck and face from sunburn.

Women should choose safari hats that fit well and offer a shield from heat and dust, particularly for their hair. The best safari hats are made of canvas or cotton, as these are breathable materials. Experience the best Kenyan safari with an insect-repellant safari hat, to ensure you have an easy, enjoyable time.

Safari hats for men


Safari Hats
Men also experience sunburn and their skin can be damaged by harsh weather conditions. If you are a tourist seeking to travel to the tropics for a safari tour, remember to pack your safari hat.

Temperatures often reach 20 to 30 degrees in safari countries, so if you don’t have a great time with the scorching sun, you need a safari hat. You’ll probably need a hat that has an interior band to help wick moisture away so that you remain dry, or you could choose a hat with cooling features, such as vents or mesh, to help heat escape.

Another alternative is the all-around wide-brim safari hat, to protect you from sunburn on your neck, ears, and face. Men’s safari hats also come in roll-up, clip-on ear and neck nape flap styles, to offer you extra sun protection.

Safari hats for children

Safari Hats

Kids love adventure and they also like to play. Some parents are fortunate enough to be able to help their children explore the world. When packing items for kids traveling to and exploring safari countries, a safari hat is essential: your child’s skin is even more sensitive than yours and could be damaged if you don’t choose the right hat for them.

Safari hats for children should be comfortable with adjustable sizing. The fabric should be cotton or canvas, with a wide brim. To avoid it falling off, choose a safari hat with adjustable velcro straps. You can protect your children from harmful UV rays with a hat made of ultra-protective micro-fiber and keep them from sweating with a meshed sun safari hat that has a sweatband on the inside.

Remember to put your safari hat on when strong gusts of wind are blowing – if it’s a little thicker, it could keep you warm. Also, check out this City Break Hotels


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