Serene Beach Resort Rooms

The luxury en-suite rooms at Serena Beach Resort are accommodated in two single-storey dedicated buildings, which lie to the right and left of the main reception and dining areas, the accommodation is well suited for leisure and business, with our convenient location near Mombasa and our stunning beach surroundings.

We highly recommend the Superior Sea View Rooms at Serene Beach Resort. The provide an awesome ambiance.

Below are the Room types available at Serena Mombasa Hotel

  • 32 Serena Mombasa Village rooms
  • 18 Serena Mombasa Village sea view rooms
  • 8 Serena Mombasa Sea view Superior rooms
  • 48 Serena Mombasa Garden rooms
  • 2 Serena Mombasa Lamu suites
  • 6 Serena Mombasa Zanzibar suites
  • 2 Serena Mombasa Sheila/Tundwa suites
  • 6 Serena Mombasa family rooms
  • 2 Serena Mombasa Family sea – view rooms
  • 40 prime rooms/village superior rooms
  • (2 interconnecting rooms)


  • Private balcony most with ocean views or facing the courtyard gardens