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Magical Gem of Watamu: Temple Point Resort

my heart was broken only for you to bring back the flame back with Temple Point Resort. That is a truly Magical Gem hidden on the furthest part of Watamu

Hi Rahab,

Trust you have been holding on well.

Sorry for the late response but was offline from emails and all till i resumed work this work Monday . I needed to enjoy the leave to maximum capacity since i will be here for another five months before i get leave again.

My sis will be doing a blog about the whole trip and will share it with you as well for archives and information. Here is my experience of the trip but one thing is that i thank you for all the support you accorded me in getting this inaugural trip for my family.

Airport Transfers

That guy was God sent as he was so good with us that my family liked him kabisa for the services he offered us, he was on time for all pick ups at both airport and hotel. He accorded us the best support needed for the malindi trip, even where to buy the souvenirs for out loved ones at home. To me that is one guy who has the customers of The Holidays Dealers at heart. thanks for bringing him our way.

Mr. Charo also got to organize for our Snorkeling trip where to me was the whole highlight of the trip. I have been to the coast a milli times (Exaggerated of course) but never gotten to do it. he linked us up with a guy who did for us at a so fair deal and was worth it at the end of the day.

Temple Point Resort – Watamu

I know my desire was to take my family to Sandies tropical Village but after its closure for low season, my heart was broken only for you to bring back the flame back with Temple Point Resort. That is a truly Magical Gem hidden on the furthest part of Watamu. The hospitality of the place was amazing from the reception area, the dinning and chefs and not forgetting the entertainment team that kept us per-occupied the whole time.

The food was so good and different that we did not get to eat the same meal the entire time and going that even for the special dinner, we go to order biriani cooked for us, that was a plus i don’t tink would have come even at sandies tropical.

The entertainment team of Fred, Phili and george was soo much on point ensuring that we were entertained, bonded as a family and realized our gaming abilities and dancing skills that had long been forgotten, (Mum danced to her oldies twist styles thanks to the trio, where else would i have gotten to see that.) Even my niece got to sharpen her painting skills courtesy of Phili who had sessions with kids in the afternoons and my sisters also got to do aqua aerobics thanks to the team. It has always been a fight getting them to be in water.

The management team of the hotel also kept checking on our welfare while at the hotel and graced our last dinner with gifts to our niece who was celebrating her birthday and it was so humbling of them.

The accommodation and rooms was nice that none of us had any complain whatsoever. It had the tranquility and ambiance one desires while on such a trip.

If am to rate the whole trip , i would give it a 4.9/5

Am out till then, bye.

Client: Nelson
Stayed at: Temple Point Resort with family
Date: May 2016

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