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Flying Package (Ex NBO): 2 Nights / 3 Days Masai Mara, Kenya

Sarova Mara Game Camp

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 The Sarova Mara: Experience Luxury in the Heart of the African Wilderness:

Nestled within the iconic landscape of the Masai Mara Game Reserve lies a hidden gem: Sarova Mara Game Camp. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury amidst their African adventure, this camp promises an unforgettable experience that combines modern comfort with the raw beauty of the wilderness.

Continuously striving for excellence, Sarova Mara Game Camp has recently undergone significant upgrades to ensure a premium offering for its guests. The result? Seventy-five meticulously furnished rooms, including the exclusive Mara Deluxe tents, Mara Family tents, and Mara Club tents. Each accommodation option exudes a sense of sophistication, enveloping guests in an atmosphere that feels both opulent and authentically African.

The Mara Family tents, in particular, cater to those traveling with loved ones, providing a cozy retreat amidst the wilderness. With a master bedroom, a twin room, and a spacious lounge area, these tents offer ample space for relaxation and bonding. Thoughtfully designed with elements such as brass and wrought iron fixtures, leather seating, and textured rugs, the tents evoke a sense of warmth and tranquility, inviting guests to immerse themselves fully in the natural surroundings.

Elevating the luxury experience further is the Olchani Club Lounge, exclusively available to guests staying in the Mara Club Tent category. Designed to harmonize with the breathtaking Mara landscape, the lounge exudes elegance and sophistication at every turn. From personalized butler and valet services to curated dining experiences featuring gourmet cuisine, guests are treated to an array of indulgent amenities designed to enhance their stay.

At the Olchani Club Lounge, guests can unwind amidst scenic views and soothing sounds of nature, indulge in delectable snacks and refreshments throughout the day, and savor exquisite dining options crafted by talented chefs. An evening open bar session offers a selection of premium beverages, while high-speed internet and a variety of reading materials ensure guests stay connected and entertained.

In addition to the luxurious accommodations and amenities, Sarova Mara Game Camp offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of families, couples, groups of friends, and corporate retreats. Whether embarking on a thrilling safari adventure or simply basking in the tranquility of the savannah, guests are invited to create lasting memories against the backdrop of Africa's most iconic landscapes.

Sarova Masai Mara Tented Camp is set right in the center of the animal migration route in the rolling plains of the Mara Game Reserve, the Sarova Mara Camp offers visitors an abundant view of the wildlife.

During the migration months, the area around the camp is teeming with gazelles, zebras, and wildebeest, over 1.4 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebra and gazelle, relentlessly tracked by Africa’s great predators, migrate in a clockwise fashion over 1,800 miles each year in search of rain ripened grass.

Nothing quite captures the true spirit of East Africa like a safari in Kenya’s richest game reserve, the Maasai Mara. Sarova Masai Mara Game Camp offers front seats to nature’s most breathtaking show – the wildebeest migration. The endless plains of East Africa are the setting for the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle where, from the vast Serengeti plains to the champagne coloured hills of Kenya’s Maasai Mara,

Sarova Hotel Masai Mara is well positioned to enjoy this unique phenomenon. The rolling plains around the Camp are teeming with wildebeest, gazelles and zebras during the migration months, and the Camp is situated right in the center of their migration path. A wildlife safari puts you right in the middle of all this action. Get a first-hand account of this epic phenomenon and live to tell the tale. A safari also helps you acquaint yourself with the landscapes of this beautiful African setting.

Seeking a richer experience of the Maasai Mara that goes much beyond just game drives, Sarova Mara Game Camp is an ideal choice. By virtue of its location and layout, the Camp offers an unparalleled plethora of activities and experiences from luxury tented living to bird-watching, mini golf, sport fishing and a unique insight into the Maasai culture at the adjoining Maasai village.

Guests enjoying their delicious breakfast outdoors can watch the animals lazily strolling past the camp. The camp’s location means guests can enjoy bird watching, sports fishing, mini-golf and a chance to learn the Masai culture first-hand from the residents of the surrounding villages.

This Camp is one of the bigger hotels in the Mara. They have lots of ground and space making it a haven for family getaways, so for those traveling with children or traveling large.  Sarova Masai Mara Hotel, is designed with families in mind. There is a wide range of family and children activities to suit different age groups ensuring no one is left out in the fun!

When considering a wedding in the Masai Mara, Sarova Masai Mara Game Camp is the perfect hotel for it. They have some of the best lawns and a large restaurant to cater for your guests.

How to get to Sarova Masai Mara Game Camp

BY ROAD: 260 km from Nairobi By road: 5 ½ hours from Nairobi.

BY AIR: 1 hr from Nairobi and 2 hrs from Mombasa.

Transfer from the airstrip to the camp takes20 minutes.5 minute drive from Sekenani gate

SITE: Masai Mara National Reserve. South West Kenya

LOCALE: The richest reserve in Kenya, the area is world famous for its annual wildebeest migration from the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. The grounds are beautifully laid out with exotic trees and indigenous shrubs. The lodge is surrounded by 24 hour electrical fence.

CLIMATE: Mainly humid, with temperatures averaging 26° C during the day and 12° C at night. Sporadic rains in March and April, November and December.

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What are the 2023 Prices for Sarova Mara Game Camp?

Here are Sarova Mara Game Camp Resident Rates:

Sarova Mara Game Camp Rates

Flying Package Deluxe Tent Club Tents
Sarova Mara Camp 2 Nights 3 Nights
2 Nights 3 Nights
20th Mar 2023 – 31st Mar 2023 KES 115,300/- PPS KES 142,400/- PPS KES 144,700/- PPS KES 186,400/- PPS
1st Apr 2023 – 6th Apr 2023 KES 98,600/- PPS KES 124,500/- PPS KES 128,000/- PPS KES 168,600/- PPS
7th Apr 2023 – 10th Apr 2023
Min Stay: 2 Nights
KES 111,500/- PPS KES 140,900/- PPS KES 140,900/- PPS KES 184,900/- PPS
11th Apr 2023 – 15th Jun 2023 KES 98,600/- PPS KES 124,500/- PPS KES 128,000/- PPS KES 168,600/- PPS
16th Apr 2023 – 30th Jun 2023 KES 115,300/- PPS KES 142,400/- PPS KES 144,700/- PPS KES 186,400/- PPS

Sarova Mara Camp  Rates (above) are in KES, Per Person Sharing
Single Room Occupancy: Supplement to apply
Package Rates applicable to Residents

Sarova Mara Camp Flying Package Rates include:
Full Board Accommodation
Wilson-Nairobi/Masai Mara Return Flights
2 Way Masai Mara Airstrip Transfers
2 Shared Game Drives, Per Day
1 Cultural Masai Village Visit
1 Garden Breakfast with Bubbly

Sarova Mara Game Camp Rates

Sarova Mara Camp Child Policy:
Up to 6 years, Sharing with 1 or 2 Adults: FREE (Max: 2 Per Room)
7 – 12 years, Sharing with 1 or 2 Adults:
1 Child FREE, additional Children: 15% of Single Rate
13 – 17 years, Sharing with 1 or 2 Adults: 25% of Single Rate
Up to 17 years in own Room: 80% of applicable Single/Double/Triple Rate

Masai Mara Reserve 2023 Park Fees:

Masai Mara Park Fees KE EA NON RESIDENT
Validity: 24 Hours
CITIZEN RESIDENT Inside Park Outside Park
Adult Park Fee KES 1,000.00 KES 1,200.00 USD 70.00 USD 70.00
Children Park Fee KES 300.00 KES 500.00 USD 40.00 USD 45.00

What you have to know about Masai Mara Park Fees:

Staying Inside Masai Mara Park Fees(Non-residents):
Masai Mara Park Entry Fees applicable to Guests staying in Camps and Lodges INSIDE the Masai Mara Reserve

Staying Outside Masai Mara Park Fee Rates(Non-residents):
Masai Mara Park Entry Fees applicable to Guests staying in Camps and Lodges OUTSIDE the Masai Mara Reserve

Masai Mara Citizen Entry Fees and Masai Mara Resident Entry Fees
Citizen Entry Fees: Guests visiting Masai Mara Reserve are required to present their Kenya National IDs
Resident Entry Fees: For residents of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda
||| Residents visiting the Masai Mara Reserve are required to: present their passports or show work permits or appropriate visa/s as proof of residency status

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What Hotel Facilities are available at Sarova Mara Game Camp?

Sarova Mara Game Campcamp offers a range of facilities to ensure that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Some of the facilities available at Sarova Mara Game Camp include:

  1. Accommodation: The camp offers a variety of accommodation options, including luxury tents and cottages. All the rooms are equipped with modern amenities like en-suite bathrooms, hot showers, and comfortable beds.
  2. Dining: The camp has a restaurant that serves a variety of local and international cuisines. Guests can enjoy their meals in the restaurant or in the open-air dining area.
  3. Swimming pool: The camp has a large swimming pool where guests can relax and unwind after a long day of game drives.
  4. Spa: The on-site spa offers a range of treatments and massages to help guests relax and rejuvenate.
  5. Game drives: The camp offers game drives led by experienced guides who take guests to see the Big Five and other wildlife in the reserve.
  6. Bush dinners: Guests can enjoy a unique dining experience with bush dinners arranged by the camp.
  7. Cultural visits: Guests can visit the nearby Maasai village to learn about the Maasai culture and way of life.
  8. Gift shop: The camp has a gift shop where guests can buy souvenirs and gifts to take home.

Sarova Mara Game Camp offers a range of facilities to ensure that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Which Rooms Types are in Sarova Mara Game Camp?
Sarova Masai  Mara Standard Tents

The Sarova Mara standard tents are comfortable, tastefully furnished with double or twin beds,  writing desk and safari chairs. They are suitable for the seasoned traveler keen on game drives and seeing more game.

Sarova Masai  Mara Deluxe Tents

The New Sarova Mara deluxe tents are comfortable, tastefully furnished with double or twin beds,  writing desk and safari chairs. They are suitable for the seasoned traveler keen on game drives and seeing more game.

Sarova Masai Mara Club Tents

The Sarova Masai Mara club room tents offer breathtaking views of the Mara plains, and are luxurious and extremely spacious, decorated in whites and soothing earthy colors with large beds, loungers, wardrobes and a desk. This tented rooms are ideal for couples looking to have a great time in the Masai Mara

Sarova Mara Family Tents

When traveling as a family, Sarova Mara family tents are perfect for you. There are two family tents which are two in one tent sharing a spacious common lounge. The Sarova Mara family tents are hot cake, you will have to book early to get any.

Sarova Masai Mara Tented Camp  Room Facilities

Each Standard tent has a permanent shower WC, a permanent roof and zip out front The above also apply to family tents. Club tents have glass panel doors & tent deck for private dining. Club amenities include: fully stocked mini bar, hair drier and safes.Tea/Coffee making Facilities in all the tents Voltage of 240 volts.

What are the Foods & Drinks options at Sarova Mara Game Camp?

The basic Sarova Masai Mara Flying Package and Road Package would be on Full board Meal Plan, dinner, Breakfast and Lunch every day. You can however spice up your stay by trying the other dining options available in the Sarova Mara Camp.

Alternative dining options at Sarova Mara

  • Boma Dining: Set in an African village, warm Maasai hospitality and its rich heritage under African Skies. Bush dining: for breakfast lunch or dinner, set out in the wildSalt lick dining: dining as you view wild game approaching for a drink of water
  • Sundowner cocktails: Cocktail bitings and drinks by a bonfire under the African sky. Dining can also be set up at the Pool side, the View deck or at the IMCV on request
  • Oloip Bar and Ewaso Pool Bar: The evenings, a cozy log fire is lit in the Bar with the mellow sounds of guitar entertainment.
Which Hotel Activities are available for guests at Sarova Mara Game Camp?

Extra Activities while at Sarova Mara Game Camp

Activity Cost
Bush Breakfast With Bubbly USD 60.00 per person
Bush Lunch (Buffet) USD 60.00 per person
Bush Lunch by the Mara River USD 95.00 per person
Bush Dinner USD 70.00 per person
One hour Bush Sundowner & Dinner USD 105.00 per person
Boma Dinner USD 50.00 per person
Boma Lunch/IMCV USD 45.00 per person
View Deck Dinner (Sarova Mara Game Camp) Min. 2pax USD 50.00 per person
Poolside Buffet Dinner USD 40.00 per person
Poolside Buffet Lunch USD 35.00 per person
Birthday/Honeymooner Cakes (0.5 kg) USD 20.00
Birthday/Honeymooner Cakes (1 kg) USD 40.00
BBQ Under The African Skies USD 50.00 per person
Black Tie Dinner With Dancers (Min. 25 Pax) USD 70.00 per person
Club Tent Dining ( Sarova Mara Game Camp) USD 45.00 per person
What Extra Services does Sarova Mara Game Camp offer?
  • Game Drives: Maasai Mara National Reserve is a natural habitat for the Big Five, along with cheetahs, Hippo, Zebra, Giraffe, Topi, Hyena, wildebeest and much other game. Sarova Masai Mara is in one of the best locations for game drives.
  • Balloon Rides: A hot air balloon safari can be arranged in advance before going to Sarova Masai Mara. The safari leaves at 0515 hrs , then rounds off with a champagne bush breakfast.
  • Meetings and Conferences: Leave the hustle and bustle of the city and opt for a quiet and serene location for your meetings. Sarova Hotel Masai Mara is well suited for meetings and events with extensive facilities and a wide array of dining options including bush dining. The staff are well experienced with managing incentives and delivering interesting incentive itineraries. The conference room can accommodate up to 80 persons in a theatre style set up and is fully equipped with all requisite meeting equipment like audio visual, LCD projector, large screen, mikes AV equipment, etc.
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