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Christmas in the Mara: Mara Intrepids Camp

we got rooms by the river and the view was very nice. We even saw a hippo in it. We had an interesting incident where the monkeys sneaked into one of our rooms and ate the baby’s fruits

Hey Irene,
Happy new year!
Been quite busy since we came back hence the delayed reply.

Now, Our stay in the Mara was awesome. Right from reception at arrival to departure. The rooms are really beautiful and services were prompt. Any request we made was attended to immediately. It was a bit cold but the hot water bottles worked the magic.

I liked their arrangement of a having one person allocated to serve a specific group throughout their stay. It made services very efficient.

Food was not the usual routine we are used to but it was good change plus we also got to know new types of food. When we were having the last dinner on 25th, everyone thought we had an extra day in the hotel and on realizing that we didn’t, we were quite tempted to extend our stay.

We loved the fact that they woke us up early in the morning with a cup of hot beverage ahead of the morning game drive. They also arranged with the tour guides and by the time we got to the vehicle breakfast was all packed.
The game drives were great and we were lucky it never rained during our stay. We didn’t see all the big 5 but at least we saw the lions and witnessed them hunting.

By the way we got rooms by the river and the view was very nice. We even saw a hippo in it. We had an interesting incident where the monkeys sneaked into one of our rooms and ate the baby’s fruits. It was very hilarious and adventurous as well.

My niece really enjoyed kids club. She always insisted that we don’t engage in activities that would eat into time for kids club.
Did I mention that we all got christmas cards and packages to take with us courtesy of heritage hotels? Even the 7 month baby got. This act crowned it all. The hotel management alongside my family also gave me a surprise birthday cake as I happened to be celebrating my birthday during that time. It was very exciting and emotional.

The other thing I almost forgot and that was very innovative, was the sundowner. After our afternoon drive on 24th, all guests who were out for a drive assembled at someplace set aside by the management within the reserve and we mingled, enjoyed bitings and drinks as we watched the sun go down. Ah! This was just warm and creative of them.

Mara-Intrepids-Camp8We however noticed that we were only two kenyan and african families during our stay. We need to make this place known by local tourists. It’s such a beautiful place and I would want many more people to enjoy the experience like we did. The other thing, kindly recommend that they buy a microwave. It was a challenge at the beginning getting the baby’s stuff sterilized but we got a way out at the end of it.

All in all, Mara Intrepids is a lovely place for a getaway. Even without the game drives one can just sit and relax all day.We loved this place and would go back many more times. We will also recommend it out here.

We really appreciate you for helping us settle on this hotel and also getting us the good deals. We look forward to travelling and discovering more with you guys. Be sure to come highly recommended through us.

Pass our regards and appreciation to Tom who was waiting on us during meals, John our room attendant and the lady running kids club.

Thank you once again and God bless you.
Client: Winfred
Stayed at: MaraIntrepids Campwith family
Date: December 2015

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